The Intel C Compiler generates additional warning and remarks that might be useful for improving the quality of the Linux kenel.

Why does your webpage suck? 
Do you know your webpage sucks?

I suck at webpage design.  It will hopefully improve over time.  If you want to help it not suck please let me know.

Why don't you use gcc instead?

The GNU Compiler Collection is an excellent compiler.  The Intel compiler generates some different warnings and remarks that can be useful for improving the quality of the kernel.

What procedure do you use?

I want to build my kernel with the Intel Compiler, any suggestions?

Pyrillion has put together some patches for the kernel which allows it to be used to built as a usable kernel.

What is next, for the project?

I'm working on automating more of it so it will be able update itself when a new release comes out without requiring manual work on my part.

Planning on improving organization of the output a bit.  Possibly allowing for searches by filenames and other criteria.

The Compaq C compiler for Alpha is available for free by agreeing to a simple license.  It might be interesting to run a similar project on different architecture.

I'm hitting the link but the code doesn't look like it matches up?

For the source code listings we link to an external site.  We can sometimes be out of sync with their release for a bit after a kernel update.  Thanks to Eric Sesterhenn for pointing out the availability of a version of the source code tree that is much more up to date.

Can I get a raw copy of the output from the compiler?

Yep.  Here.

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