Linux Kernel Homepage

The source of all the goodness that is the Linux Kernel

Intel C Compiler

Intel allows their C compiler to be used for non-commerical purposes.


This site hosts a set of patches to allow you to build a usable kernel.


Open Source Development Lab.  Group committed to improving the quality of GNU/Linux.  Compile statistics and the like are WAY cool.

Kernel Janitors Project

Project to improve the quality of the Linux Kernel.  A great way to get started in helping out the Linux kernel.


The easiest way to get the latest version of the Linux Kernel.  If you get the version out of the repository it will even track -git releases.

Linux Cross-Reference

An htmlified version Linux kernel source code.  Very cool project.  Lacks -pre tree so it doesn't always match up to the error codes


LinuxCPD is another project that has to do with improving software quality.  It is by the same people doing this project.


Another Cut and Paste Detection project for the Linux Kernel.  This one is done by Eric Sesterhenn, using the OPERAting System Research Group. Logo